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The devices used by criminals can be as small as a standard mobile phone, and you would not be aware that they are pulling your information as you walk around your city streets or even sit at your favourite cafe. The Kard Gard protects you from this violation.


As soon as Kard Gard senses an incoming radio signal that will try to obtain your info, the Kard Gard is self-activated and will automatically generate a powerful electronic  forcefield up to 9cm (3.5 inches) around itself. As long as your Kard Gard is well situated, all credit cards, passports and chipped ID cards will be protected within this 9cm radius.

Kard Gard Science: Kard Gards do not run on batteries!

Kard Gard Protects Your Personal Information
(Vegan Passport Holder Shown Here)

Today’s credit cards, debit cards, health cards (depending on your country), and even your passport contain NFC technology built into them. One reason is to make payments easier and smoother for the consumer. These cards are called “CONTACTLESS CARDS”. However, there are now devices that are easily obtainable that have the ability to gain access to all that private information on your cards and passport. As with most things in our society, there is no waiting and the thieves can and do use the information that they retrieve from you immediately. Before you pay for your coffee or walk into your bank, you could lose your money and even your identity. This is a real risk for you the consumer as well as the financial institutions.

Once you have a contactless card, you cannot turn the chip off, it is always there and always able to broadcast your information. If you lose your card, or have the information illegally taken from it, someone will always be able to make small payments at stores or withdrawals from your bank account, up to the valid limit that is set by your country or financial institution. You must always keep a vigilant eye on your bank account. Having a Kard Gard will assist in protecting you.

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